In case of an unfortunate event where the customer has lost the master.db, it is possible to recreate it using a recovery script, Provided the actual artifacts are present in the data directory.
However, it is important to note that not everything can be recovered, and this procedure should be considered a disaster recovery option. Please exercise caution and verify with the engineering team before running this script on actual customer environments.

Recovery Script:
The recovery script provided here is specific to DAI version 1.10.2. You can find the script at the following location:


This post serves as internal knowledge sharing. It is important to follow proper protocols and consult with the engineering team before implementing this disaster recovery procedure in real customer environments.

Usage: python -m scripts.construct_db --user h2oai [OPTIONS]

  --all_users                 List users.
  --user TEXT                 Limit the DB re-constrton to just this
                              selected user.  --db_name FILE              Database Sqlite file.  [de
  --data_directory DIRECTORY  Data directory to scan.  [default:
  -v, --verbose               Verbose logging.
  --help                      Show this message and exit.