PLEASE NOTE: This extended functionality is available in Steam Version 1.8.8 onwards.

On a high level the steps look like this:

  1. Create Image with the Jar file and upload to an accessible repo
Create a text dockerfile
FROM centos:centos7
yum update -y &&\
yum install wget -y\

RUN mkdir /database_jar
RUN wget --no-check-certificate -P /database_jar/
 Build image
docker build -f dockerfile -t hdfc_image .

->Add tag to new image

# docker tag hdfc_image h2oai/tmp:hdfc_image

->Push to Docker hub , For example (
#docker push h2oai/tmp:hdfc_image

AlternativelyWe can also use Amazon ECR instead of docker hub.

2. Add settings to Steam profile
Config.TOML (Override the below settings):
enabled_file_systems = "upload, file, hdfs, s3, recipe_file, recipe_url, jdbc"
jdbc_app_configs =  """{
"postgres": {
"url": "jdbc:postgresql://",
"jarpath": "/dai-data/postgresql-42.2.24.jar",
"classpath": "org.postgresql.Driver"

Add lines below to “init containers”:

- name: hdfc
image: h2oai/tmp:hdfc_image
command: ["/bin/sh", "-c", "cp -r /database_jar/postgresql-42.2.24.jar /dai-data"]
- mountPath: /dai-data
name: data

3. Restart DAI and we should be able to connect to the DB.
a) Click on Add Dataset and select JDBC

b) CLick on select Configuration and click on the config which is spoecified in config.toml (Postgres in our example)

c) Add the username and password along with the query and Click to make Query.